Essential Canvas Tasks


Canvas Checklist for Starting and Ending the Quarter

How to Log into Canvas:

User ID:     Your seattle college email
Password: The first 8 letters of your last name: or your password if you changed it. If you have fewer than eight letters in your last name, repeat until you reach eight characters. Ignore spaces or hyphens in your last name. (ex: Lilly Sand's user name would be “sandsand”)

For accounts created after January 2017, your password will be the first 8 characters of your last name.



 How Do I copy one Canvas Course to another?

How Do I publish my Course for student access?

How Do I publish or unpublish Modules and specific items in Modules for student access?


Canvas Instructor Guide

Canvas Video Guide


Panopto: How Do I enable viewing for students and copy videos?

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Need a NetID?

Students: Set one up now!

Employees: See your supervisor.