Goals and Members

CARE Goals

  • To proactively build and sustain community with a comprehensive, collaborative team that identifies behaviors which are a risk of harm to self or others
  • To promote campus safety by fostering a culture of reporting (reducing bureaucratic process)
  • To help and support students via educational rather than punitive means, according to established protocols and transparent procedures while protecting the privacy and rights of individuals
  • To track and monitor problematic behavior by providing consultation, referral and support to faculty and staff
  • To provide training and education as we work together to promote student and community success
  • To assess, evaluate, and evolve CARE team functions and protocols while identifying and refining best practices
  • To provide comprehensive wrap–around support for student success

CARE Team Members

Jasmine Adamek, Executive Assistant to the Vice President – Student Services

Curtis Bonney, Dean, Basic and Transitional Studies

David Duche, OCE&E Employment Specialist

Elizabeth Goulet, Faculty

Darryl Johnson, Safety and Security Director

Amanda Knowles, Faculty

Martin Logan, Human Resources Director

Melissa Mixon, Marketing and Public Information Director

Marci Myer, Vice President – Student Services

Maud Steyaert, Disability Services Director

Greg Tessensohn, Program Manager, Veteran Services


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