Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Guided by its mission, vision, and values, North Seattle College develops multi-year strategic plans designed to the achieve objectives and reach the benchmarks identified for each of its three core themes. When a new accreditation framework was issued in 2010, the college adjusted its strategic planning cycle to coincide with the new seven-year accreditation cycle.


North Seattle College’s foundational principles are expressed in

  • Its mission: Changing Lives through Education
  • Its vision: A progressive educational resource, actively engage with the community and known for innovation and responsiveness, and
  • Its values: Caring, Collaboration, Diversity, Innovation, Integrity and Quality.


The college’s three core themes individually manifest essential elements of its mission and collectively encompass it:

  • Advancing Student Success
  • Excelling in Teaching and Learning
  • Building Community


2011-16 Strategic Planning Cycle

Strategic Plan Posters
•  StrategicPlanPoster2012.pdf
•  StrategicPlanPoster2014.pdf

Strategic Plan Objectives and Indicators
•   Strategic Plan as reported in Year One Report March 2011.pdf
•   Strategic Plan as reported in Year Three Report March 2013.pdf
•   Roadmap to 2016 produced February 2013.pdf
•   Indicator and Benchmark Changes Over Time.pdf

Annual Performance Reports
•  Strategic Plan Benchmarks-Performance Report July 2014.pdf
•  Strategic Plan Benchmarks-Performance Report Fall 2015.pdf

2016-2023 Strategic Planning Cycle


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